Vikings Fans Are Furious George Iloka is Taking Adrian Peterson’s Old Number


The Minnesota Vikings just added to their already tremendous offseason by signing veteran safety George Iloka, who was cut by the Cincinnati Bengals last week. Iloka is still viewed by many as a strong starter on most teams, so now the Vikings have bolstered what was already perhaps the best defense in the league.

However, many ​Vikings fans are upset at the development, not because of the addition, but because of the number Iloka will be wearing.

Of course, number 28 was worn on the back of legendary running back Adrian Peterson, who departed the team as his career nears an end.

Naturally, fans of the team are quite disturbed by the fact that a new player is taking the number of Peterson, who for years was one of, if not the only exciting part of the franchise. Many fans took to Twitter to express their disbelief.

​​Do fans agree?

​​They sure do. The No. 84 of course is referencing Randy Moss.

Clearly fans of the team and player are irked about this move. And rightfully so. Peterson holds almost all of the Vikings franchise records for rushing. He’s virtually a lock for the Hall of Fame. And his number’s just going to go to some one-year signee?

From a personnel standpoint, this looks great for Minnesota.

Respect wise? Not so much.


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