Julio Jones Says He Wants to Be a Falcon Forever Despite Contract Dispute


Julio Jones has accomplished plenty throughout his seven years in Atlanta so it should come as no surprise that the top receiver in the league has zero plans of departing anytime soon.

Sure, he chose ​against attending OTA’s which began last week with hopes that a new contract is on the horizon. But don’t be fooled–Jones will be a Falcon Long-Term.

Jones, 29, is already a two-time First-Team All-Pro, and has been voted to five Pro-Bowls. In 2017 Jones caught just three touchdowns but reeled in 1444 receiving yards, his fourth consecutive campaign posting 1400 yards or more from scrimmage.

Despite spending this offseason tangoing with​ Falcons’ fans hearts, Jones as well as owner Arthur Blank are committed to keeping this relationship going until the end, going as far as explaining it’s a regular conversation that tends to occur.

Just as quarterback Matt Ryan ​re-upped BIG TIME earlier this offseason, expect Jones to be right behind him, as this explosive core remains in Atlanta long-term.

Get this man a new contract Mr. Blank so football fans can sit back and watch Jones, Mohamed Sanu, and Calvin Ridley rip up NFL defenses all 2018-long.


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